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    72001 Schleich Dragon - Rare retired special edition.

    This figure has now been retired since 2012. It is one of a variety of versions of 70033 green dragon. The other versions are black, blue and gold. 



    Schleich 72001 Red Dragon - Exclusive Item.

    The Schleich 72001 Red Dragon has huge teeth, large claws and massive wings that are spread out. The Dragon with it's impenetrable coat of scaly armour is only fought by the bravest of Knights. 

    Introduced: 2011. Retired: 2012.

    Approx: 13 x 15 x 17cm

    2013 Celebration Smurfs from Schleich

    In 2013 Schleich released a set of 8 smurfs. The theme for the set was celebration figures. The figures are: 

    20746 Bride & Groom Smurfs
    20747 Valentine's Day Smurf
    20748 Thank You Smurf
    20749 Sorry Smurf
    20750 Baby Smurf
    20751 Birthday Smurf
    20752 Get Well Soon Smurf
    20753 Party 
    Smurfette in Glass

    You can now find all of these Schleich Smurf figures listed at Toy Dreamer.

    2013 schleich smurf figures


    Haymaker Smurf

    You may know this toy by its other name of Farmer. But it has always been known as Haymaker because Gardener with Rake is also referred to as Farmer Smurf. You can find Haymaker holding an armful of hay under one arm and a sickle in the other.

    There appear to be very few changes made to the mould of Haymaker over the years. Schleich sold it from 1982 to 1986 and 1999 to 2000, first shown as a sketch, not an actual figurine. Nevertheless, collectors continue to remark on the variations of hay brush strokes and shade of brown used for the sickle.

    haymaker smurf

    You can find Haymaker Smurf or Farmer Smurf under our Smurfs section at Toy Dreamer.

    If you are interested in reading more on Smurfs, please visit our blog at

    Have a smurfy day!

    2021 Smurfs from Schleich have now been revealed.

    The new smurfs for release in 2021 have now been revealed. Schleich have released 6 new models for 2021, as opposed to the usual release of 8 figures. 

    The 2021 Smurfs from Schleich are:

    20827 Vanity Smurf
    20828 Smurfette with Flower
    20829 Good Luck Smurf
    20830 Baby Smurf
    20831 Chef Smurf
    20832 Handy Smurf

    It's always good to see new smurfs, but it would be great if the figures could be something new. All six appear to be blasts from the past with the figures all having at least one, if not many more, previous releases. Probably the best of all the figures is Smurfette with Flower, which appears to be a great variation of the older figure. 

    Please check out our friends at and their new write up of the 2021 Smurfs.

    20827 Vanity Smurf
    20828 Smurfette with Flower
    20829 Good Luck Smurf
    20830 Baby Smurf
    20831 Chef Smurf

    20832 Handy Smurf



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